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Propulsion systems of satellites

Some missions require to change velocities of the satellite after its detaching from the launcher. The satellites propulsion systems give to spacecraft possibility to make manoeuvres for different purpose e.g transfer to target obit,...

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The satellites subsystems

Most of the challenges facing satellites are the same for every mission and thus we can distinguish a few subsystems which we can find in almost every design of artificial satellite Payload The most...

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Random bugs and they reasons

Random bugs are nightmare of every programmer. They are problems in the software which occur from time to time, and they root causes are unclear. What is software bug ? A software bug is...

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Software update for spacecrafts computers

Possibility of update of spacecraft’s computer software is a “must-have” feature. It may save vessel mission, improve spacecraft capabilities, gives better flexibility with choosing start occasions and many, many more benefits. Without software update...