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Error’s meanings in software projects

Software projects involve many people from different domains. Software developers, testers, domain experts, technical and sales managers working together and contribute to the project and influence on the software shape. Do they all agree...

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Risk analysis for software development

Very often during working on software architecture there are discovered risks which may disturb the working of our system. Frequently we need to decide if we must implement a prevention mechanism for risk, or...

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Random bugs and they reasons

Random bugs are nightmare of every programmer. They are problems in the software which occur from time to time, and they root causes are unclear. What is software bug ? A software bug is...

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Software update for spacecrafts computers

Possibility of update of spacecraft’s computer software is a “must-have” feature. It may save vessel mission, improve spacecraft capabilities, gives better flexibility with choosing start occasions and many, many more benefits. Without software update...

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Problems in software: fault, error and failure

The sad truth is, we spend lots of time handling negative scenarios in our software execution. Programmers are excited when starting a new project, we think about all these fantastic things which our software...