Space acronyms

space with acronyms

List of acronyms which are used in the space industry, astronautics and astronomy

  • ACS attitude control system
  • ADCS attitude determination and control system
  • CDR critical design review
  • CDS CubeSat Design Specification
  • CME coronal mass ejection (eruptive emission from the sun)
  • COMMS communication subsystem
  • COTS commercial of the shelf
  • DSN deep space network
  • EPS electric power supply
  • FRR flight readiness review
  • GCR galactic cosmic rays
  • GEO geostationary orbit
  • GNSS Global Navigation Satellite Systems
  • HEO highly elliptical orbit
  • HST Hubble space telescope
  • ISS International Space Station
  • JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • LEO Low Earth Orbit
  • MEO Medium Earth Orbit
  • OBC on-board computer
  • PCDU power control and distribution unit
  • RACH random access channel
  • RSSI received signal strength indication
  • RTG radioisotope thermoelectric generator
  • RW reaction wheel
  • SAA South Atlantic Anomaly
  • SEE single event effect
  • SEL single event latch-up
  • SEU single event upset
  • STS space transportation system
  • TLE Two-Line Elements (a format for distributing orbital element data)
  • TMTC telemetry telecommand
  • TT&C telemetry and tracking control
  • TVC thrust vector control
  • OMNI omni-directional antenna

The list of acronyms is under continuous development, so if You would like to see some new entry here, then please leave a comment with the description of the proposed acronym.